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New VALORANT Bug in Iso’s Ultimate Spells Certain Doom for Players 6 months ago 0

In the ever-evolving world of Valorant, players constantly adapt to new strategies and challenges. However, a recent development involving Iso’s Ultimate ability has introduced an unexpected twist, turning the tide in competitive matches.

The Unforeseen Map Glitch

Iso, a relatively new addition to the Valorant roster, has brought a unique dynamic to the game with his Ultimate ability. This ability, designed to create intense one-on-one showdowns, has unfortunately been marred by a significant bug. When players open their map while being targeted by Iso’s Ultimate, they find themselves trapped with the map screen obstructing their view. This glitch renders them unable to move their mouse or fire their weapon effectively, leading to an almost certain demise.

The Impact on Gameplay

This bug has significant implications for gameplay. It not only disrupts the flow of the match but also puts the affected player at a severe disadvantage. The issue has garnered attention in the Valorant community, with players calling for a prompt resolution from Riot Games. The bug’s impact is particularly felt in high-stakes situations, where every move can determine the outcome of a match.

Comparisons with Previous Bugs

Iso isn’t the first agent in Valorant to experience teething problems. Similar issues were observed with Deadlock, another agent, who also faced multiple bugs in the initial months post-release. In one notable instance, players within Iso’s Ultimate were found to have health points exceeding the standard limit, leading to unfair advantages and frustration among players.

The Community’s Response

The Valorant community has been quick to adapt, advising players to avoid opening their map when Iso’s Ultimate is in play. While this workaround helps, it’s a temporary solution to a problem that requires a more permanent fix. The community eagerly awaits Riot Games’ response and the subsequent patch to address this game-altering bug.

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