mage of Scout, BGMI player and owner of Team X Spark, encouraging fans to support Indian teams.

Scout Urges BGMI Fans to Rally Behind Indian Teams During India vs Korea Invitational 7 months ago 0

Support Indian Teams in BGMI: A Call to Action from Scout

In the competitive realm of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the support of fans is crucial, especially during international face-offs. Scout, a veteran player and a significant figure in the BGMI community, has recently voiced out, urging fans to stand by the Indian teams participating in the BGMI India vs Korea Invitational event.

The BGMI India vs Korea Invitational event has brought together some of the best teams from both nations, creating a battleground for supremacy. However, the initial days of the tournament have been challenging for several seasoned Indian squads. Gladiator Esports, the champions of BGIS 2023, found themselves struggling, and Team X Spark, another formidable team, was placed at the lower end of the leaderboard.

Scout’s Plea to the BGMI Community

Scout, whose real name is Tanmay Singh, is not just a player but also the owner of Team X Spark. He has represented India on global stages and understands the pressure that comes with international tournaments. In light of the trolling and negative comments directed at the Indian teams due to their performance, Scout took to Instagram, sharing a story that emphasized the need for support.

“Start supporting the players when they need it the most, not just when they are at their best,” Scout expressed. He highlighted the lack of discipline and the tendency to glorify individuals over teams within the Indian BGMI community, calling for a change in perspective and attitude.

scout addresses teams

The message is clear: the teams need the support of their fans, especially when the going gets tough. Trolling and negative comments can demoralize players, affecting their performance and mental well-being. As fans and followers of BGMI, the community has the power to lift the spirits of these players, encouraging them to push through the challenges and come back stronger.

The BGMI India vs Korea Invitational event is a testament to the level of competition and the need for constant evolution in strategies. While some teams have surprised us with their consistent gameplay, like TWM Gaming and Gods Reign, it is crucial for the community to stand united, supporting every player and team, irrespective of their current standing. After all, in the world of esports, today’s challenges are the stepping stones for tomorrow’s victories.

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