Match-Fixing Allegations in Chinese Dota 2 Teams During TI12 Qualifiers 6 months ago 0

Esports, a realm of fierce competition and towering stakes, is not immune to the darker facets of competitive sports. Recently, the integrity of the esports world has been rattled by a series of allegations against Chinese Dota 2 teams during the TI12 qualifiers.

The Unfolding of a Scandal

In May 2020, a bombshell dropped in the esports community. The TI4 Champions, Newbee, along with their roster, were engulfed in a match-fixing scandal. ImbaTV, Mars Media, and the Chinese Dota 2 Professional Association (CDA) blacklisted the team from Chinese Dota 2 competitions. Notably, this was due to alleged match-fixing in several tournaments, including the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3 Chinese Qualifiers and the China Dota2 Pro League S2​​​​.

Despite these serious allegations, some of the implicated players, including Waixi, Aq, and Wizard, found a way back into the competitive scene. They are currently competing in the Perfect World Dota 2 League – Division B under the team ‘Ink Ice’​​​​. This development raises critical questions about the efficacy of the esports regulatory system and the enforcement of bans.

The controversy surrounding Newbee is not an isolated case. The esports industry has seen a surge in match-fixing allegations, including recent incidents involving Team Black and international teams like SEA Team Rise Esports and American Dota 2 team PlusOne​​​​.

The integrity of esports competitions is crucial for the industry’s credibility and growth. Incidents like these not only harm the reputation of the teams and players involved but also cast a shadow over the entire esports ecosystem.

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