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Dplus KIA Wins BGMI India Korea Invitational: Full Tournament Overview 7 months ago 0

The inaugural India Korea LAN Invitational for BGMI has successfully concluded, with Dplus KIA emerging as the undisputed champions. Dominating the leader board, they not only secured the prestigious title but also bagged a whopping Rs 40 lakh in prize money, along with a trophy to commemorate their victory.

The tournament witnessed intense competition, especially in the final matches. Dplus KIA showcased remarkable consistency throughout, clinching victory in the opening match. However, it was the nail-biting battle between Medal Esports and Dplus KIA that truly captivated the audience. Despite a valiant effort from Medal’s Kyoya, who secured two additional frags for his team, Dplus KIA’s strategic gameplay and resilience ultimately led them to victory, securing 15 placement points and relegating Medal Esports to the second position.

The second match of the series saw Gods Reign rise to the occasion, delivering a stellar 30-point performance that reinvigorated the crowd. In a tense final circle, they outmaneuvered both Gladiators Esports and Revenant Esports, securing a well-deserved chicken dinner.

Dplus KIA continued their winning streak in the third match on Sanhok, overcoming a challenging position outside the zone to claim another chicken dinner. The Korean teams, adapting to the Indian meta, engaged in heal battles, with NRS securing the second position. The fourth match saw a shift in momentum as Gladiators Esports claimed victory, showcasing their prowess and strategic gameplay.

Emtek StormX’s Success in the Final Erangel 

The last match of the Invitational, played on Erangel, was a spectacle of strategy and skill. Emtek StormX emerged victorious, navigating through various challenges, including an early elimination of Team XSpark and a unique boat-rotation strategy by Blind Esports. Dplus KIA, living up to their reputation, became the zone magnets, further solidifying their dominance in the tournament.

The BGMI India Korea Invitational has set a new standard for esports tournaments, with Dplus KIA’s victory marking a significant milestone in their journey. Their consistent performance, strategic gameplay, and resilience under pressure have truly set them apart, earning them the title of champions and a place in the history of BGMI esports.

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