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COD: Mobile 4th Anniversary: Check List of Free Legendary and Epic Skins 6 months ago 0

As “Call of Duty: Mobile” (COD Mobile) marks its fourth anniversary, the game is set to dazzle its players with an array of free legendary and epic skins, adding more excitement to the already thrilling Season 10. This celebration is a testament to the game’s enduring popularity and the developers’ commitment to keeping the gameplay experience fresh and rewarding.

Season 10: A Treasure Trove of Rewards

Season 10 of COD Mobile is not just another season; it’s a festival of freebies. Players can look forward to unlocking a variety of rewards, including epic weapon skins and character upgrades. The season is packed with challenges and events, each offering unique rewards that enhance the gaming experience.

Unlock the New Nail Gun Weapon

Starting November 14th, the “Nailed It” seasonal challenge offers players the chance to unlock the new Nail Gun weapon. This addition is not just about expanding the arsenal but also about introducing new gameplay dynamics.

Epic Skins and Themed Events

The Anniversary Treasure Hunt event is a highlight, featuring the epic Type 25 weapon skin “Battle Grandeur” among other exciting rewards. Additionally, the credit store update in the second week of Season 10 will feature the epic HS 04005 weapon skin “Balloon Trick” for 20,000 credits.

Legendary Skins for Free Trials

In a generous move, COD Mobile is offering legendary skins like “Saigon” for QQ9 and “Thermal Shroud” for M4 as one or two-day trial versions, absolutely free during the anniversary event. This gives players a taste of premium content, enhancing their gaming experience.

Exclusive Pre-order Reward

For those looking to invest, pre-ordering the MW3 Vault Edition for over €100 brings an exclusive character, the “Captain Price” character, and his skirmisher uniform. This offer adds a special touch to the anniversary celebrations.

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