VALORANT agent Deadlock with improved GravNet ability in Patch 7.10 update

Deadlock Receives Much-Needed Buffs in VALORANT Patch 7.10 6 months ago 0

After a prolonged period of underperformance, the Norwegian VALORANT agent Deadlock is set to receive significant buffs in the upcoming Patch 7.10. Since her introduction in June, Deadlock has struggled to find her footing in the competitive scene, notably being overlooked during the VCT Champions tournament in August. Her pick rates have remained low across all ranks, reflecting her lackluster performance in the game.

Riot Games has been actively fine-tuning various VALORANT agents, such as Cypher and Raze, in mid-episode patches. However, Deadlock had not received any attention until now, despite her poor statistics. Riot community lead Jeff Landa recently announced the much-anticipated buffs for Deadlock, bringing a wave of excitement to the VALORANT community.

The primary focus of these buffs is Deadlock’s GravNet ability. GravNet, a trap placed on the ground to slow enemies, has been considered inferior compared to similar abilities from other agents like Sage and Chamber. The upcoming changes aim to elevate GravNet’s effectiveness significantly. One notable enhancement is the introduction of a mechanic similar to Cypher’s Spycam dart, requiring players caught in the net to manually remove it, which now takes 1.5 seconds instead of the previous 0.8 seconds.

Furthermore, GravNet will now prevent agents from using their movement abilities to escape its grasp. This change was demonstrated in a video where a Jett character attempts to use Updraft to escape the net but is unsuccessful. Additionally, the size and durability of GravNet are set to increase, with its radius expanding to eight meters from six, alongside the increased removal time.

The buffs also include an enhancement to the gravitational effects of GravNet, making it more challenging for enemies to move while ensnared. These changes are expected to provide Deadlock and her team with more strategic advantages and opportunities to capitalize on trapped enemies.

VALORANT players and enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the full release of the 7.10 patch notes, which will provide a comprehensive overview of all the changes, including potential adjustments to Deadlock’s other abilities like her Sound Sensor. These updates are a significant step towards balancing Deadlock’s capabilities and making her a more viable choice in the game’s diverse roster of agents.

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